In brief, an estimate is an approximate, well-informed guess at the total expected cost of your construction project. It takes into consideration all the parts and labour needed to get the job done, but it is not set in stone and you may well find that it does not accurately reflect the overall total cost of a finished job. In order to provide the best level of customer assurance, many of the building companies we work with like to put together several different estimates, each for a different set of circumstances.

By accounting for all eventualities, from the very best to the worst possible scenario, you provide your clients with a clearer picture of the costs involved, helping them to plan and budget accordingly. Unlike a tender, a construction estimate is not legally binding. Its job is simply to give both client and contractor a good idea of the budget you’ll need to complete your project.

Finding that even the most reserved of estimates is well over what you can afford? A good quantity surveyor can help you better manage your budget and get more for your money . An estimate provides a rough breakdown of expected costs, but isn’t always accurate and doesn’t contain all the relevant information needed to inform a client of exactly how you’ll complete their project.

That job is taken care of by the tender, a comprehensive package of documents which not only provides a list of pricing (again including all parts, labour and other associated costs), but contains a full breakdown of how the job will be completed.

As well as a price list, your tender document normally contains other essentials such as:

  • Contractual terms
  • Design drawings and plans
  • Health and safety information
  • Project contract
  • All other relevant information. 
    Your tender is a complete offer, and your client will usually solicit tenders from several different contractors, helping them to make an informed choice about who to work with.

Services Offered

  • Preparing Bill of Quantities (Civil, Electrical & Plumbing) for Residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings.
  • Cost Estimation of Projects.
  • Rate Analysis
  • Assessment of Variations
  • Value Engineering.
  • Licence survey of Buildings.

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