Design of RCC buildings, Water retaining structures, Steel Roof Structures, Small span bridges and Space frame roof, Hangars and Pre Engineering buildings. Reviewing the project drawings, specifications, assure the structural and architectural applicability. Support as-built drawings upon project completion.

Review of structural drawing based on detailed design report provided. Proof checking of structural drawing to eliminate errors & optimisation of the design. Overseeing construction entailing structural and architectural design drawings check and recommending design modifications. 

Our services include

  • Provision of Structural Design (RCC and Steel design) drawings for Residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings based on Architectural layout drawings.
  • Design of Pile, Raft and Footing foundation for RCC and Steel Structures.
  • Provision of Pre Engineered Building (PEB) design and drawings for large span steel structures.
  • Provision of Design and Layout for Liquid retaining structures.
  • Provision of design and drawings for Sewage Treatment Plants and structural drawings for execution.
  • Provision of design and drawings for minor Bridges and Culverts.
  • Provision of Detailed Design Report (DDR) to support drawing based on Client request.
  • Vetting of structural drawing based on detailed design report.
  • Proof checking of structural drawing to check for the mistakes and optimization of the drawings.
  • Preparation of Conceptual Project Report (CPR), and Detailed Project Report (DPR).

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