Certain elements of the project, such as soil compaction, strength of concrete, welding, etc., are traditionally checked or tested by a third party (testing and inspection organizations). These tests are conducted during the execution of the work and the quality of the product is determined and reported shortly after the tests or inspections are made. The quality of other elements of the project is checked by the architect or one of the consultants at some point in time, during an occasional site visit.

The architect and/or a consultant issues a punch list of items that need to be corrected for the project to be certified that it in fact meets the quality expectation set forth by the project documents.

In addition to on-site inspections, samples of materials will commonly be tested by specialized laboratories to insure compliance. Inspectors to insure compliance with regulatory requirements will also be involved. Common examples are inspectors for the local government’s building department, for environmental agencies, and for occupational health and safety agencies.

Services Offered

  • Inspection schedule
  • Visual Inspection
  • Document Verification
  • Non-Destructive 
  • Documentation of Written Report
  • Documentation of Digital Pictures
  • Guidence on Inspector Structure.

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